Notebook and PC service

Cevo - specialistic notebook service center in Wroclaw.

Our offer includes faulty desktops and notebooks repair. Cleaning the motherboard after flooding, damaged keyboards, housings, hinges, LCDs, motherboard failures (including BGA) and viruses are the most common problems that we handle on a daily basis.

Over 10 years of service practice let us gain experience needed in order to successfully repair most of recieved orders. Using advanced machine tools and high technology processing as one of the few we have the ability to properly fix computers with BGA chip defects.

A typical symptom of BGA damage are blemishes and artifacts on the screen, blank screen, displaying only one color, image divided into several parts, inability to turn on your computer. The most preferred solution to the problem is full reballing of the BGA(Wroclaw), a process of repair that allows you to restore your computer to run efficiently.

For the sake of security and trust we have created a clear service agreement for our customers, however the detailed conditions of the computer service shall be determined individually. The customer is never surprised by additional costs. Each service comes with a warranty.

If your notebook has crashed, we invite you to a diagnosis and repair estimate. Opening hours from 10:00 to 18:00, (Monday to Friday)