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Aware of requirements of our business partners we have created a special offer template. Experience gained from tens of thousands of conducted repairs and professional approach allows for a quick estimate of costs and issuing repaired equipment within a maximum of 7 working days of receipt. For each service we provide a VAT invoice and written guarantee that we set the length depending on type of service and technical condition of given device - from 1 to 6 months.

We service all brands of notebooks, including Apple, Xbox / PlayStation 3 consoles conducting repairs of:

  • motherboards,
  • system and power outlets,
  • BGA chipsets,
  • graphic cards and chipsets,
  • all in one chipsets,
  • backlight LCD matrices,
  • DVD drives and laser readers,
  • natteries,
  • any socket ports,
  • broken and torn hinges and covers within notebooks,
  • software (viruses, registry errors, software, consoles),
  • 3RROD, YLOD and a series of E errors in consoles.

There is possibility for price and contract negotiations, depending on the amount and regularity of outsourced services. Starting from the first few services testing mutual benefits, through repair packets and finally ending with an open contract - we flexibly adjust to the needs of our partner and are open to partnership propositions.

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